How To Finally Become...

The Boss 'You Wish You Had!'

Even If You Feel Overwhelmed Or Like An Imposter

Have Questions...
but don't have a safe space to ask them?

Think You Are...
supposed to know everything on your own?

Feeling Overwhelmed...
how could you possibly add more to your busy plate?

You Are NOT Alone!

Keep Reading...
This Is For You!

Headshot for Martha Grawey
“I sought you out as I was starting my new role because you embody the sort of leadership I wanted to take into my new role. When I worked under your leadership, I felt seen and heard. Of all the managers I had worked with over the years, you were the only one I would refer to as a leader and the first person I thought to reach out to for advice.
Martha Grawey – Leader in Healthcare Technology

Being a "People Manager" can be Daunting...

Are you:

  • Feeling Overwhelmed – drowning in work, new responsibilities & expectations, and feel like you can’t keep up OR don’t know what to do first?
  • Wondering – how do I make a difference for my team or in my organization?
  • Feeling Inadequate – like you aren’t good enough, smart enough, experienced enough to be a leader?
  • Wondering – how can I be authentic, innovative, and collaborative when I feel like an imposter?
  • Or Worse – considering quitting your leadership role?

Together We Are Stronger...

You don't have to do this alone:

  • Together we will learn and grow – sharing ideas & best practices, discussing topics you are facing.
  • Network – with a community of other leaders, just like you, who are also facing the same questions & concerns.
  • Together we will develop our leadership skills – learning how to communicate effectively, motivate and inspire our team, and have difficult conversations.
  • Support – a community of encouragement is there when you need to ask a (not) stupid question, or ask for advice.
  • Together we will navigate the Corporate world – discussing work culture, office politics, and how to get things done.
  • Balance – how to manage your time & energy at home and at work – a community that will remind you to take care of yourself, too.

I Wish I Had This When I Started My Journey...

In a Leadership Community:

  • It’s amazing the energy & synergy that exists when you are around people who “get it”.
  • Exposure to people in other industries helps us to draw our own parallels and adapt best practices.
  • We support each other and overcome challenges together.
  • Together we solve a problem that our companies are not… learning how to become true leaders!

Ready For ...
a Better Way?

I Know What You're Thinking...

"I don't have time for something like this..."

  • Where will you find the time to take on another commitment?
  • Trust me, this will end up saving you time in the long run… time & energy you would otherwise spend by spinning your wheels trying to do this all on your own.
  • Plus, I’ve made this flexible for you – you’ll be able to watch recordings of any training topics we cover if you miss the live session!

"I can't afford something like this..."

  • I’ve been in your shoes! That’s why I’m making this worth your investment AND offering my founding members an early bird price that you can afford. After the 1st cohort year, new member prices will increase (while prices for founding members will stay the same.)
  • Plus, you can choose to pay the annual cost at one time, or make payments.
  • Also, check with your company to see if you can submit this for reimbursement as part your development & education training!

"I'm not sure if this program is right for me..."

  • That’s why we have a consultation call before you pay anything! I want to make sure this community is right for you, before you join.
  • During that call, you can ask any questions you may have and tell me more about your leadership role and team. Together we will decide if you would benefit by joining this community.
  • This program is designed to guide leaders with less than 5 years of experience managing a team of people. The intent is to provide you the skills and support system to be a successful leader!

You Can Try it
the Old-Fashioned Way...

  • Try to figure it out on your own
  • Model the ways of the other “leaders” at your company
  • Trial & Error
  • Spin your wheels; waste time & energy
  • Make excuses for the turnover 
  • Search the web and social media for answers
  • Convince yourself that you need another degree, not a community created with you in mind

But you don't have to do this alone...
you just have to take the 1st step!

This is For You... if you:

  • Have been in your leadership role < 5 years
  • Want to see real change
  • Have the heart of a servant leader
  • Want to build an extraordinary team
  • Are looking for a network of leaders in a community to share best practices & support each other

Outcomes of this Community:

  • You’ll have the tools to be successful in your leadership role
  • You’ll feel confident and in control – of both your career and your team
  • You’ll start having people asking you for advice in their leadership roles
  • You’ll find the balance that works for you and your team
  • You’ll be making a difference in your organization

Here's What is Inside:

  • 2x monthly meetings
  • Networking and cohort support from other leaders – just like you
  • Guided topic discussions with Q&A
  • Downloadable content
  • Discounts to other events and classes

Admission is by Application Only:

  • To ensure the material is right for you
  • To ensure this community cohort is right for you
  • To make sure you are a good fit for our community

Cost Commitment:

  • $720/year for founding members of the very 1st cohort
  • Lock in this rate now, and you won’t pay more when the price increases for future cohorts!
The Academy


Your Leadership Community

Community Vault ………………………….. ($1,200)

Group Coaching Calls ………………………….. ($7,400)

50% off Challenges & Master Classes …………………………. ($200+)

Inspiration, collaboration, & support from your cohort ………… (Priceless!)

Total Value: $8,800

YOUR COST: $720/year

This price is for founding members of the 1st cohort only! Don’t delay…