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Stephanie Weiss
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How Can I Help You?

The Empowered Leaders Framework focuses first on discovery – finding out where each leader believes themselves to be, what their team’s feedback says, and building psychological safety for us to work together.

Starting with each leader’s strengths and recognizing the needs of their unique team sets our direction. With a shared goal for continuous personal development and a focus on employee engagement, we will work together to strengthen their team as a whole through a human-centric approach.

The results are improved engagement, retention, & productivity. The work to get there starts with where each leader is… then is built to provide a solid foundation, enhance strengths, and expand upon areas for growth.

I’ve been guiding & developing leaders for over 20 years across a wide variety of industries. Now I want to do the same for your leadership team!

Is Your Leadership Team...

  • Dreading performance reviews?
  • Struggling to motivate their teams?
  • Worried about losing your best talent?
  • Frustrated with employee engagement?
  • Conflicted about difficult conversations?
  • Feeling like leadership is a thankless job?
  • Burning out from lack of work-life balance?
  • Feeling overwhelmed with managing people?
  • Yearning to inspire their team to greater heights?

How We Can Work Together


Want Something More Tailored For You?

Explore Individual 1:1 Options:

60-Minute Power Session (1 Topic, 1 Call)
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Master Classes / Keynote Speaker:

Interested in a live session or event
specific to your needs?

We’ll discuss your desired outcomes,
your specific leadership development topics,
& let you ask all of your burning questions

Choose a time that works best for you and we’ll set you up for success!


Join other leaders
– just like you –
who “get it”,
who’ve “been there”

Are you feeling overwhelmed?
Wondering how to make a real difference?
Feeling like an imposter?

You don’t have to do this alone…
Together we are stronger!

What Does It Mean To Be E.M.P.O.W.E.R.E.D.?

I took the word itself for guidance:

First, I looked at the base word EMPOWER…

  • E = Evaluate: acknowledge & overcome limiting beliefs (the 1st step to everything!)
  • M = Model the way: values drive behaviors & culture, understand yours & theirs
  • P = Psychological safety: the baseline upon which trust is earned & built
  • O = Own your voice: be authentically you; be willing to speak up for yourself & others
  • W = What: what drives you/them, what motivates you/them?
  • E = Energize: tying purpose to the vision; creating a true team; driving collaboration
  • R = Recognition: meaningful to each person uniquely (big or small, private or public)

Then, I took it to another level to move from EMPOWER to EMPOWERED

  • E = Emotional intelligence: understanding self, applying EQ w/ others, sharing EQ w/ your team
  • D = Difficult conversations: embracing (not avoiding); constructive for positive impact


Are We Connected?